Jewish Studies Requirements

Number of Units

Six units are required.

Required Course

HIST/RELG 107: Introduction to Jewish Traditions (offered each Fall Quarter)


Five additional courses from the following list:

  • CLAS 255/RELG 211: Religion from Alexander to Constantine
  • CLAS/RELG 260: Judaism in Antiquity
  • HEBR 101: Beginning Hebrew I
  • HEBR 102: Beginning Hebrew II
  • HEBR 103: Intermediate Hebrew
  • HIST/RELG 218: The American Jewish Experience
  • HIST/RELG 263: Jews in a Changing Europe, 1750-1880
  • HIST/RELG 264: Jewish Revolutions, 1881-1967
  • HIST/RELG 265: Zionism: From Idea to State
  • HIST/RELG 267: Women and Judaism
  • HIST/RELG/SEMN 268: Jews on Film
  • POLS 295: Constructing and Reconstructing Israel
  • POLS 330: Politics of the Holocaust
  • POLS 335: Politics of Contemporary Antisemitism
  • RELG 160: Hebrew Bible
  • RELG 210: Sex and the Bible

Hebrew studies are encouraged, but not required for the concentration.

Note: New courses related to Jewish Studies may be approved throughout the year that are not on the elective list. Students are encouraged to ask the Program Director for permission to count such courses as electives for the concentration. Additional special topics one-time course offerings may count as electives depending on content (e.g. HIST, RELG); please discuss the suitability of these courses with the Program Director.